Internal blog post
Website priorities

As you probably know, Dave and I manage the website.   Dereck and Alan work on events and contacts respectively and Dave and I work on the "gubbins" that makes it work and look the way it does.  We're about to welcome a new member to the website team; more on that soon.

There's a lot of things we could do but if we just keep throwing more stuff in the hopper we won't get to the things that matter, so Leona has given us some guidance on her priorities and Dave and I have agreed with Leona the following list in priority order:

  • Move podcasts to external hosting provider (well done on all the podcasts; you've filled up our server space!)
  • Better volunteer database:

Disconnect activity from roles permissions using a new field or "activity" (e.g. tech op, website, social, presenter, producer)

Needs way of identifying new volunteer process (ie, contacted, inducted etc), also logging hours/events attended.

  • Redesign other main pages to match homepage
  • Test and release ‘presenter Bio page’ for updating by users
  • Utilise mailing list
  • New RV:INSIDE homepage with clearer signposts to activities and prompts for annual updates on compliance and user information
  • Integrate e-learning and certificates
  • New on air dashboard with better layout and more reads for presenters

On the sales side, we are also going to try to create a paid for supporters capability.

There will of course be unforeseen needs, and general maintenance and security updates require time too but these are our key deliveries for now.

If you have ideas for future priorities, do let us know but realistically, there is enough here for the next two or three months at least.