Internal blog post
Website content

We're beginning to get to grips with content.  A reminder...public blog posts are for content about St Albans, not content which is solely about programmes or the radio station.  Programmes are covered in programme promotions, and on show blogs (which are public blogs which don't appear on the homepage but do appear on the show page).  If you're posting some general content about your show which isn't St Albans news, events etc please don't select for the post to be featured on the homepage (this now an option when you create the content).

A quick guide:

  • Public blog posts
    • About St Albans and the area (events, news, people) - Public blog post featured on homepage
    • About a show specific item which wouldn't be of more general interest - Public blog post not featured on homepage
  • Audio clips
    • Audio from within a show (perhaps an interview or a feature like the Drivetime Sessions), NOT whole programmes; that is what listen again is for.
  • Programme Promotions
    • Something of interest on your next show.  Don't post just generic listings (like the show title and description only).  For example lead with "Tourettes Syndrome" as the title and NOT "Parents Show", or "80s sweets" and NOT "Backtracking to the 80s"

Finally, featured images; use something of general interest and relevance.  I've lost count of the number of headphones and mics I've seen in photos...we are interested in studios but ask 10 people in St Peters Street and they couldn't care less how radio is made.  Having lots of these images says "this is a site for people interested in radio stations"

This isn't about some sort of random control freakery...this is what gets online audience or loses it.

I know this takes some getting used to.  As we learn, we will be recategorising and removing posts if we have to.

Feedback welcome as always.  Thanks