Internal blog post
Volunteer Update

Hi All - it’s me, so you know what day it is (yay!!)

Quick one from me with a few of things.

Presenter Recruitment - we’ve had a great response to our recent advert (12 applicants) so thank you to all who shared it, and encouraged people to apply.  The ad is now closed as we talk to the candidates.

Xmas Virtual Party - 10 December.  We’re going to do a christmas trivia quiz - but I’m looking for some more trivia.  If you’ve got any fun trivia questions (and answers) can you send them to me to add - thank you!  (  Also asking for volunteers to either wear something festive - or have something festive within camera view.

Focus On - in order to get to know our volunteers a bit better - we’ve started doing ‘focus on’ ... interviews - some fun facts about you with a pic (of you).  The directors have a list of people to start with.  Not mandatory obviously, but a way to get to know each other a bit better.  We’re still figuring out where we’ll put it on the site - but it will be for all volunteers to see.

That’s it from me.  Have a great weekend all!