Internal blog post
Volunteer Update

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to those of you who joined the volunteer meeting on Tuesday, it was good to see you.  And thank you to Lawrence who did an engineering update and to Steve to tell us about the Co-op grant results.

We talked about some of the vacancies that we have, including presenter vacancies.  The ad has been updated, to reassure potential applicants that they don’t need to have prior presenter experience - so if you haven’t seen it - please have a look at it on the website and feel free to share.  We have had a number of people show interest, which is great news, especially if we can attract more diversity in our reach.  We will close the add in a couple of weeks, so if you do know somebody who’s interested, ask them to apply sooner rather than later.

I’m still looking for virtual christmas party ideas - so please feel free to contact me if you have done something recently that is fun and you think would work (

Volunteer Wall - if you haven’t put your pic up yet - here’s the link:

Please do, it means that we all know what we look like and is a great resource for new (and not so new) volunteers.  Here’s the actual wall for those of you who haven’t seen it:

Have a good weekend (and great news on all the recent sales everyone!)