Internal blog post
Volunteer Update

Hi Everyone,

I know the days seem to melt into one, and we’ve gone into another lockdown,  but it is still Friday, and that still has a bit of a buzz about it for me - so Happy Friday!!

We’ve got the next volunteer meeting on Tuesday, and this is the loose agenda:

Volunteer Meeting - Tuesday 10 November - 7pm.

Not a big agenda this month, but I’d like to update you on:

  • Focus On - an initiative to get to know volunteers better.
  • The Volunteer Wall - getting our pics and what we do up on the site - it’s half way there already - but I probably need some help from        someone to help finish (any offers?)
  • Vacancies

There will also be time for a Q&A session - what’s on your mind?  As usual - any shout outs or thank yous, let me know and I’ll make sure those volunteers get a mention.

At the moment there’s no ‘guest’ slot - but I may pull something out of the bag at the last minute (or feel free to contact me,, if you want to shine a light on what you’re doing at the moment and share with volunteers!)

Have a good weekend all, stay safe and hope to see as many of you that can make it on Tuesday.