Internal blog post
Volunteer Update

Hi Everyone - happy Friday!

2 things for you this week.


Football enthusiasts needed to work with Jonny, Graham and the sports teams.  We have vacancies for 3-4 football reporters - reporting on all the local football action, interviewing, attending games and learning to commentate - what’s not to like if you’re into your local football?  If you’re interested - let me/Jonny or Graham know.  But if the offside rule isn’t your thing - do you know someone who might be interested?  If so, get them to apply through the website - roles are up now (but here’s a link to make things easy)

Traffic and Travel

The current team doing this are small, and therefore if someone can’t make it, it’s sometimes a struggle to cover all slots.  It’s sponsored so Radio Verulam have a commitment to doing this.  So a shout out to presenters who know the system - like cars and trains but not traffic jams and you’ve got some free time - please consider putting your hand up to help.  You definitely don’t need to know the offside rules to do this.

Christmas Ideas

I know we haven’t got Halloween or Bonfire night out of the way yet, but we’re looking for ideas as to what we could do as a Christmas event.  Given the current environment it will be via google meet.  I will set up a meeting for early December (evening).  If you’re thinking a christmas quiz - someone needs to put their hand up to organise which I appreciate may be cumbersome - so we may need to be a bit more (or less) creative.  If you do think of something, or have seen/done some funny virtual meetings - let me know.  (

Have a good weekend all, and thank you for everything you do!