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Volunteer Update

Hi Everyone - happy Friday again!

Communities First - Volunteer Management Nomination

Sadly, we didn’t win the award, but I spoke to Tom Watkins from C1st yesterday and he congratulated us again on getting the nomination. He told me that it was VERY rare for an organisation, in it’s first year of undertaking the 6 point promise, to be nominated, and that we should be very proud.  So thank you to the volunteers who nominated us - we will continue to build on the volunteer experience and hope that we’re in with another chance next year!

October Volunteer Meeting will be a daytime meeting.  If you have anything that you want to add to the agenda, please drop me an email directly (

And finally - thank you and goodbye to Kathy Weston

We are sorry to be saying goodbye to long standing volunteer Kathy Weston.  Kathy was one of the founders of our award winning Parents Show and also served as a Director of the company.  Kathy has decided that she needs to make more time for her successful business and her family.  We thank Kathy for all of her support for us over many years and wish her all the very best.

Have a good weekend all!