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Internal blog post
Volunteer Update

Hi All - Happy Friday - been bloomin’ cold out there this week hasn’t it?

Volunteer Meeting next Tuesday (16 February 7-7.45).  Joining details are meet.google.com/ryh-qrpz-fdz

Agenda so far is:

  1.   Interview process - Lauren Kemp will talk about the current process/what works/what doesn’t/ideas from you all on how to make it more efficient and useful for the presenters.
  2. Volunteer Survey - a bit of an update on this.  If you haven’t completed it yet, please do, it’s a great opportunity to have your say.https://radioverulam.com/volunteer-survey
  3. Premises - a bit of a shout out for help/thinking caps on/ideas.
  4. Nick with a general update

If anyone else has anything that they’d like to add to the agenda - a shout out/some info that would be useful to everyone etc please let me know (Elly.parselle@radioverulam.com)

Look forward to seeing as many of you who can make it on Tuesday.

Have a good weekend!