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Internal blog post
Volunteer Update

Hello everyone - I’m back on the right day - all is good!  Happy Friday!

Thanks to everyone who managed to get to the Volunteer Meeting on Tuesday - it was a good turn out, and definitely good to see everyone virtually!  I will set meetings up for the rest of the 2021, so that you can diarise - that’s coming shortly.

We talked about the RV priorities (especially the shorter term focus given current lockdown), and the current high priorities are current studio viability, recruitment and training new volunteers.

4 of our new volunteers joined the meeting, and so it was good that they got to meet some of you face to face.

Andy also talked about open slots - if you are a current trained presenter who has time, please email Andy directly (Andy.waterfield@radioverulam.com) to let him know if you can cover.

Robbie Dove has also posted that there is some Traffic and Travel training happening tomorrow.  ANYONE can join this, and this is an area that we do need resources.  You’re not too late, but let Robbie know if you want to join (Robbie.dove@radioverulam.com)

Finally - A SURVEY.  We want to gather some information to help us look at your volunteer experience.  It won’t take long to complete, and the more volunteers that complete, the better data we have to be able to review.  It will only take 5 mins to complete, and it does (finally) incorporate my ‘3 little words’ initiative from last year!  I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


January feels like it’s been a bit of a tough month, but the evenings are getting lighter, and vaccines are being rolled out - so hopefully we are heading to brighter times.  Take care everyone, and enjoy your weekend!