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Volunteer Meeting – 8 September 7-7.45pm – Agenda & Joining details

Hi All,

Apologies if you get this twice - could be the site - could be user error 🙂

Agenda for Tuesday’s meeting:

  •  Fundraising/Finance
  • Training update - Robbie Dove
  • Content Control - Andy Waterfield
  • Going’s on - Football/Food & Drink festival - Jonny Seabrook/Graham Griffin
  • Director Update

Please note this months meeting will be done using ZOOM.  This is so it can be recorded but it does mean that it will be time limited.

Can I please ask that you join the meeting on time (not early) and that presenters keep their subjects short and sweet (and interesting and informative) 🙂

Meeting ID: 568 361 4737

Passcode: LDz00m

Look forward to seeing you there.