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Volunteer Meeting – 11 August 7pm AGENDA (

Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday again - it’s that time of the week, but this week, the AGENDA for next Tuesday.

Some really insightful content for this meeting, so please join if you can!

  1. Welcome - hello to new volunteers
  2. Finance/fundraising update.  Faye Penford and Nick will talk through Finance update, and also past and present fundraising events.
  3. Digital update - Callum Marius is going to talk through his recent insightful data, and also through some of his processes and how to use the digital team effectively.
  4. Engineering update - Lawrence Card is going to give an update on the recent technical issues experienced (and what was needed to resolve them) and also his latest video - with a call to help for anyone with relevant experience (or enthusiasm) to help out their team.
  5. Volunteer update - that’s me (surprise on the day, which means I’m still working on it - but there is always a lot to say - or is that just me ...?)
  6. Director update - Nick is going to round up with other news, and we’ll finish with THANK YOU’s!

I look forward to seeing those of you who can make it!


Meeting details: