Internal blog post

Thanks to Lawrence, we now have voicetracking capability in the studios. Voicetracking is a specialist activity and requires approval of the Programme Controller, Andy Waterfield.

The steps to take to voicetrack in the studio are:

  • Go into the sustaining instance of Myriad
  • Sleect DESK OUTPUT on the desk
  • Put mic fader up
  • Put Myriad 4 on CUE and make sure all Myriad faders are down
  • Deselect (lights off) both STEREO CUE and CUE TO SPEAKERS
  • Click SEG EDIT on Myriad
  • Click Mic icon on pop out box
  • Click record icon in pop out box and speak
  • Click Green "PLAY" icon in pop out box to start next track
  • When done, Close Myriad and EXIT IT COMPLETELY
  • Close the folder in which Myriad Sustaining icon sits on the PC
  • Start normal Myriad from desktop

Don't attempt this without approval and briefing as there are things you could do which would break the radio station!