Internal blog post
Using the various website promotion areas

It's great to see so many posts appearing on the website and generating such a lot of superb local content, thank you to all who do!

For the benefit of both our recent volunteers and existing teams, here's a reminder of what you can do with these areas:

  • Public Blog Posts
    These appear as main items on the front page of the website if selected and associated pages matching topics you choose. Use them for information about a local news story, an event (see also events postings), an advertiser joining us, or anything locally relevant. Please add as much content as possible, make it compelling and pick out the news in the item. It's also best before an event rather than afterwards.
    They should not be used to promote a show or talk about radio or our presenters (unless it's a worthy news item).
  • Programme Promotions
    These will appear on your show page and randomly on other relevant pages such as the 'Our Shows' page and the home page . They will appear for up to a week before the schedule broadcast transmisssion date and can be used to promote features and guests on your show.
    They will appear in the RV Inside dashboard as a 'Presenter read' so that your fellow presenters can promote your show on air as well. You can also add some background information that won't be read out or appear on the website.
  • Audio Clips
    These are a quick way of re-airing interviews with guests. You need to know the start time of the piece to enter into the form. They will appear on the  front page, your show page, and related topic pages. These are not for full shows, but should be used for individual topics or interviews.
  • Podcasts
    These can be edited portions of a show or a whole programme (no music please), or interviews and items that you have recorded but not previously used in a show. The beauty of podcasts is that they can be found by searches not directly related to Radio Verulam or the website and can also appear on iTunes and other podcast services where they can gain extra exposure.
  • Presenter Information
    Use the Presenter Information when you want everyone to know about something but not for on-air reading. For example, we may use it to warn about upcoming elections and the protocol, or to promote sponsored competitions etc.

On top of this, remember that for public-facing pages such as public blogs and programme promotions, you can share them instantly on your Social Media accounts via the link bar at the bottom of each individual post page.