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Use Audacity? Speed up your editing with shortcut keys

I do a lot of audio editing, and having keep moving the mouse around to select effect or macro functions is time consuming and can be frustrating.

But since I’ve assigned the most-used functions to keyboard shortcuts, it’s really made editing faster and easier.

I’ve assigned them to keys near my left hand (I’m right-handed), so I can quickly tap them with my little finger while using the mouse to highlight sections of audio.

As examples, the \ key will now silence a section, Z will now undo the last edit, X calls a macro to reduce the gain by 15dB, C deletes a section, V will fade in a section, B fades it out, but N is the nice one. N calls the Noise Reduction effect, so highlight a section, N, select Get Noise Profile, then select the whole audio, N again and apply Noise Reduction.

It’s quite easy to set these keys up. Go to Edit, Preferences, and scroll down to the Keyboard part.

Find your effect by name and select it, and simply type in your keyboard letter and click Set. So easy.

If the key is already in use, you will be asked if you want to change it, then it’s your choice.

You can also see what other shortcuts are in use.

Here's a quick video that shows shortcuts in action:

I hope you find this tip useful.