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Updated presenter manual

We have updated our Presenter Manual to clarify the situation around promoting your business, band or other interest you have in something.  If you post social media or present on air, this applies to you.

Thanks to Denise, Kevee and Mandy for their work on this.  The guidance is below.  If you have any questions, please ask any of them



Radio Verulam volunteers are a talented group of individuals and we want to celebrate that talent.   However, Radio Verulam must be compliant with the Ofcom Broadcast Code. [1]  Therefore, in accordance with Section 9 of the code, Radio Verulam has a policy of not allowing self-promotion for commercial gain on air.  If you are presenting or assisting on a program, you must not personally self- promote any business or related product or service (i.e. book) on air whereby you may benefit from commercial gain.


  • You are permitted to be a guest on an unrelated show to promote things you may be doing, running workshops, promoting events, selling books.
  • You are permitted to promote/celebrate the achievements of other presenters on your show provided that it is normal to mention such events/businesses of others on the show
  • When interviewing guests, such as an author or musician, where you might want to relate to the guest, it is fine to mention that you are an author or musician in general terms.
  • Specialty shows may run gig guides or discuss workshops which could potentially result in a direct or indirect benefit to the presenter.  In such instances, the presenter will need to ensure to promote things fairly, so for instance we just can’t promote one band/pub and not others that may be in the area.
  • Presenters and volunteers may also be asked to host/MC events as individuals, for which they receive compensation; again, in such instances, the presenter will need to be ensure to promote such events fairly.
  • Promoting charity events, volunteer organisations or fundraisers you are involved with is fine.
  • Be mindful as well of social media, using Radio Verulam as a promotional tool to promote your own business, event, or product is not good practice.
  • When meeting with members of the community, potential sponsors and stakeholders in your Radio Verulam capacity, it is not good practice to self-promote.


If in doubt leave it out.





  • Comply with the RV policy
  • Disclose any potential conflict of interests to the Volunteer Manager who will provide guidance, ahead of time.
  • If you hear something on air that you think may be crossing the line please report it to the volunteer manager.