Internal blog post

Hardly weekly, but time flies!

Congratulations to Kerry for landing new advertising with Aylett Nurseries and Holiday Inn Express, both previous customers and obviously pleased with what we have done for time.

Thanks to everyone who supported our marketing activity at Aylett Nurseries last weekend.

We have some marketing activity on Saturdays coming up at The Maltings; if you are able to help, please let Kerry know.

Some updates on Board activities:

  • We are considering using up to £12,000 of our savings to pay a part time operations manager, responsible for day to day running of the station working with volunteers.  If you have views or questions on this, please let me know.
  • We hope to soon have a revised set of process and policies for advertising agreed, reflecting our success and the fact that slots are beginning to be full.
  • Mandy is working on an implementation plan for data protection compliance
  • We have allocated around £2,000 to a new output improvement project which we hope will result in clearer requirements and help for accreditation and improvements in the quality of our output; more to follow on this.