Internal blog post
Update from Phil Richards, Studio Manager

Hi everyone and happy March. Just a couple of things to clarify:

The bin at RV is really for RV paperwork and not food and drink containers. Please try not to have a picnic here! The bins in the kitchen and reception are collected every fortnight and this normally works fine. Please can I just point out that you should not leave any type of rubbish anywhere apart from next to the bin. Sorry - I know someone is trying to be helpful but please do not leave bin liners of rubbish at the bottom of the stairs. If you get that far, please take it home.

I just wanted to also clarify that when the door was left open last week it was found at 9am as I arrived in the morning Mon, Wed and Fri. This could well mean that the downstairs was left open all night and on Monday probably the whole building as I am the first one in as far as I know. Hopefully this is now a closed issue but do call me if there are any problems or if you notice anything strange.


Phil Richards
Studio Manager
07711 286488