Internal blog post
Update from Phil Richards, Studio Manager

Hi Everyone,

Sorry to have to raise this issue again but since I recently mentioned about the building being left open, the downstairs door was found open again on Wednesday morning. Please can I again remind everyone of the importance of locking the doors when you leave the building.

The procedure is as follows:

  • last one out of the studios needs to lock up
  • last one upstairs needs to lock up the studios. Please check to see if anybody is in Talking Newspapers
  • Last person out the building needs to lock the door to the car park. Please check nobody is in the cafe or Yoga Hall. If in doubt lock up, all doors have quick release on the inside so nobody can be locked in.

In no circumstance should somebody be left alone in the studios who is not a key holder. If you do not recognise somebody who is in the studio and you are leaving, please check with them that they are a key holder. If you regularly record programmes and you are not a key holder, please contact me so we can arrange for you to have a set of keys. You will need to be an approved user of the studios in order to use them.

Also, please note that food and drink is not allowed in the studios (open or closed drinks or food). When you leave please ensure that you have logged off Myriad and switched off monitors.

If you find anything out of place or not quite right please contact me by text or phone (07711 286488).


Phil Richards
Studio Manager