Internal blog post
Update from Phil Richards, Studio Manager

Hi All,

The downstairs door is in the process of being assessed. Various temporary fixes have been attempted but it looks like the locksmith will eventually have to replace it.

Just a quick reminder to all to keep the premises clean and tidy as possible. I often get complaints about how areas are left, especially the kitchen/loo area. Please use the bins and tidy up the area you have been using before you leave.

You may wish to tell your guests to call the studio several times to let you know they have arrived as you may not hear the phone as it's only on a flashing light.

Also can I remind everyone that the premises is a no chewing gum zone. Recently some chewing gum was found pushed onto the side of the printer!

Have a great Christmas everyone!

Phil Richards

Studio Manager

07711 286488 (call or text anytime)