Internal blog post
Update – Board meeting 16 November

We held a meeting of the Board of Directors last Thursday evening.  here is a quick summary of work and actions.  Do ask if you would like to know more.

  1. Data Protection.  The new law covering this comes into force in may and we will need to comply.  We have decided to start with documenting our volunteer data, the permissions we need in order to be able to operate the radio station, and the access requirements and controls.  After volunteer data, we will move on to advertiser and company member data.  We will be asking all volunteers before May 2018 to give the necessary permissions relating to their data and to keep their data current.
  2. Operations Manager.  We decided to try to recruit a part time operations manager.  We recognise that the skills and capabilities we need may not be available to us, but feel it is worth trying to find someone to manage the radio station day to day.  Denise and I will be asking someone else to join our panel of three and getting the recruitment process going immediately after Christmas.
  3. Cashflow.  We looked at some rough projections to the end of 2019 to inform decision making on projects like DAB, the operations manager and a premise move.  DAB is unlikely to be an option before 2019, but we concluded that we would be likely to proceed if costs can be kept low and we fell it is likely that we will have the necessary funds to sustain this.  Premises is more difficult and would require some grant funding for fit out (with a cost of possibly £20,000).  We will return to our premises strategy at our meeting in January.
  4. Outside Broadcasts.  We reviewed a long list of possible activity in 2018 and concluded that we should focus on a smaller number next year than this.  This was primarily for two reasons; the amount of work involved and the amount of quality output we can get from events like street festivals.  Clive and Andy will be firming up the plans and we will be trying to train reporters and covering more events but with drop-ins rather than a full studio on site.
  5. Sales.  We reviewed and agreed a new price list (with a price increase) and policies and processes which will soon be available online.
  6. Fire escapes at Hatfield Road.  There are some issues for other building users which may involve changes to our door arrangements in the future but, having reviewed the situation, we are satisfied that our area has adequate fire safety provision.