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Update – 8 April 2018

Hear or read...


Hello.  It's been while hasn't it? That's because I've been away on holiday; there's no point in pretending that I’m not away on holiday quite a lot but it's given me a bit of time to reflect.  Also quite a lot of things have been happening and it makes me realise what a great station we have built here.


Now let's just go a few through a few things shall we?


The Dragon's Apprentice Award...fantastic highlights programme put out by the team.  


The International Women's Day effort this year was just superb...thanks to Pat Newland and the team, do give it a listen if you get a chance while you still can it just was a superb day of fantastically focused output which fitted really well with the way our station sounds.


We also of course had the Mayors Pride Awards...thanks to everybody who went down there to capture the event. I was able to hear it on our podcasts which incidentally are now getting regularly over 2,000 lessons a week...should I say that again? 2000 lessons a week!


Thanks for supporting the Civic Disc...I think Graham Kentsley has been everywhere on Radio Verulam and we need to start charging him!


Thanks also if you headed down to the Maltings this weekend for another of our balloon giveaways for which - and I can't believe this - we get paid and there's also some good news...I'm meeting with the marketing department of Bill's restaurant next week; they were really impressed with that advertising campaign and competition which got 360 entries by the way and would like to advertise with us some more.


Easter...the Easter weekend was full of Easter eggs I guess; things like the Northern Soul Show and the other specialist programs which we put out over the weekend...thanks to everybody who put them together and a big thank you to Andy doesn't all suddenly get broadcast without Andy having to do a whole load of things in the background to make things happen.


Snoop Club if you didn't attend the Snoop Club in February, if you’re a presenter please do at it'll all be part of your re-accreditation.  It's good fun... you get to pick my Richard Edwards and my programmes apart for a starters and we will also be looking at some other interesting programs from around the BBC network.


Don't forget that our AGM is on the 15th of May so do try and join us for that...full details will be coming out in the next 10 days along with the formal notice of the AGM.  This year's AGM will be a short formal meeting but plenty of time to mix and meet asked questions afterwards.


That's about it from me. Any questions of course just email me ... yes and that reminds me, we swapped over our email server as well thanks Paul Anderson for all your help with that and Matt Jones for sorting out the issues and I hope everybody is getting the emails again.  It's going to save us money and I hope it will be a much more reliable email service that we've had in the past.


Thanks and have a good week