Internal blog post
Update – 24 July 2020

In this week's update, output issues, our finances, future output planning, interviews, the flower show, and radio awards.


It has been an odd couple of weeks for us.  Very much “on the one hand, on the other hand”.

On the one hand…


We have suffered some problems keeping ourselves continuously on the air.  Apart from pumping out poor quality output, this is perhaps one of the most serious issues we could encounter.  It loses us listeners if we are not very careful.  The intermittent breaks occurred about twice a day.

On the other hand…


We think the output issues revolve around our internal IT network and Lawrence has replaced some equipment as a result.  The worst problem was that the issue was intermittent so tracing the root cause has been very difficult.  The engineering team (and in particular Lawrence Card and Dave Neal) have been putting in large amounts of work, sometimes at unsocial hours, and Andy Waterfield has been keeping us on air through swift work on Myriad.  I reckon so far this has taken up about four person-days of work, and this from volunteers who have paid jobs.

Some time, when there is more time, Lawrence is going to put together some materials on how things get from our mouths to peoples’ smart speakers and radios.  It truly is mind-boggling that most of the time we take this for granted.  When Lawrence has time, do please take the time to be interested and understand what goes on.

Of course, this unplanned work has taken time meant for studio refit so that project will now be delayed.

For now, though, I just want to say a very big “thank you” to everyone who has worked on the issues.


Last week we heard we had been successful in being awarded a discretionary grant from St Albans District Council, and in the next few days we will be announcing a very big new commercial partner.  Our financial position is assured now well into 2021.


Hertfordshire County Council has started a new advertising campaign with Covid-19 advice.  This is the first time our county council has advertised with us and we are very proud that they are doing so.  This shows the kind of value we are now seen as providing


Andy Waterfield has started discussions on our future output with presenters and this work can now focus us on meeting the needs of our community, with the luxury of a sound financial foundation which can in small ways at least fund developments.


Involving local people in what is happening is one of our most important duties and one of the ways we can really stand out in a crowded radio market.

Welcome to Lauren Kemp.  Lauren has taken on the vital role of interview coordination.  By all means feel free to continue to source your own interviewees but please send to Lauren all requests for interviews from people outside the station.  Lauren’s email is  Please don’t use the facebook or WhatsApp groups for this as Lauren is best placed to allocate interviews to relevant people.


Well done Jason McKenna and team for the flower show.  It raised in total £365, split 50/50 with Rennie Grove Hospice Care.  A brilliant idea, and one on which I hope we can build in future.


Our entries for these prestigious annual awards will go in in the next few days.  Well done to everyone making submissions; the content is a source of huge pride.  More on this in the weeks to come.