Internal blog post
Update 12 September

Just a few things before I head off on holiday:

Volunteer Management

If you know someone who would like to help Denise, look out for a new role to be posted on the page.  If you know someone friendly and organised with a few hours to spare each week, it would really help.  Talk to Denise directly.

We are absolutely insisting now on all volunteers being registered on RV:INSIDE and having been met by Denise for induction before they start doing anything with us.  if you are working with any volunteers who have not, and have started working with us in the last 6 months, now is the time for them to contact Denise and rectify the situation.  If they don't then they will be asked to stop volunteering with us.  There are good volunteer management, legal and insurance reasons for this and we're not going to allow any leeway on this policy.


Last week, I mentioned Corby Radio's £200,000+ per annum revenues.  Dave Ellis has pointed out to me that Corby Radio's accounts say that part of their reported revenue is volunteer time in kind.  Thanks Dave.  We do understand, though, that over half of the £200,000 is accounted for by advertising revenues.

Clive has also spotted a recent Ofcom report which suggests we are a little below the median community radio station revenues levels, so there is room for imporvement towards the top end of the list.

Community Involvement

Well done everyone involved in the OBs from Dagnall Street Baptist Church as part of Heritage Open Days, particularly Dave Neal for making it technically possible and Danny Smith for organising.

Next up, the food and drink festival.  Look out for special presenter reads and sponsors.


We're looking to all of you now to provide content for the website.  Think about at least one posting a week which you can make; most people are now trained so we need this content please.  Presenters/Producers - we now consider this to be a part of our output so posts promoting programmes and audio clips are a requirement of our output.


I'm off on holiday so no update next week.