Internal blog post
Transmitter power increase

Many months after asking OFCOM for permission to increase the power of our transmitter it was finally turned up yesterday morning (26 April). It is a substantial increase of 50% to 150 watts.

Our aim was to fill in holes in our coverage in places like Marshalswick and Bricket Wood plus to extend into places on the edge of coverage like parts of Harpenden and Redbourn. Initial reports suggest this has been achieved with decent reception being reported to the South beyond Borehamwood, to the North into Luton & Dunstable, to the East to Hatfield & Potters Bar and to the West into Hemel. There are also some places beyond these which are on high ground where we can be heard on FM now.

So when you are at home or travelling around you should be able to listen to Radio Verulam most of the time. Do feel free to let me know if you find you can listen on 92.6FM from some far far away location now! No prizes though...