Internal blog post
Training – Podcast available

Saturday's training session was excellent; thanks to all those who gave up their time to come.
Great news! We want you to stay on top of the law and the station sound. If you were unable to come to Saturday's training, it's now available in your own home. Just visit (you need to be logged in to RV Inside for this link to work).
You'll also see a notice box appear taking you to this page when you log in.
Here, you'll find the presenter manual, presenter promise, and a link to the Broadcast Code. More importantly you'll find a copy of the slides I used on Saturday and a Podcast version of the training which you can listen to alongside the slides. Make yourself a cup of tea, and perhaps have a Penguin too, and listen to guidelines about who we are as a brand, and how we operate. Allow 45 minutes for the Podcast.
Be prepared to make notes; there are a few tasks to do and some consultative tasks and information concerning the future about which your views are valuable. Please email thoughts to me:
You'll need to tick to confirm you've participated and understood, and the window for this to be done is open until 1 January 2019.
Finally, this does involve training surrounding compliance issues so it is an expectation that all volunteers who appear on air should do this, please.