Internal blog post
Training and development

We have talked a bit over the last few weeks about improving our output and investing in learning and development.  Andy, Denise and I have put together some plans and the Board has approved a budget of around £2,000 to be spent on improving the way we all learn and develop our skills (an important part of our purpose and of any voluntary organisation’s activities).

I know analogies are dangerous but I look at us like, say the Company of Ten at the Abbey Theatre or Old Verulamiums Rugby club.  We’re always looking to improve, by getting hints and tips and feedback and by taking part in training.  We don’t get in the first squad or the lead role if we don’t.

We’ll be providing more details as the project goes along, but the headlines are:

  • We are tendering to a number of independent companies for a review of our output which will include the opportunity for many of us to get feedback from someone in the radio industry if we feel we would benefit from the feedback. We’ll be asking the company to give us overall feedback on our output and some ideas on what we can do to improve.
  • We will be running a “masterclass” on radio to which you will be invited; again we are looking for someone from the industry to come along and run the workshop
  • We are installing a “snoop” capability to help you review your work. Snoop is a horrible industry term but roughly what it means is that you shows will be available to review with all the extraneous bits cut out (music, adverts etc).  We’d like later t be able to offer the opportunity for you to review these with others and get their feedback too.
  • We’ve started development logs; the idea of these is to help you keep a record of everything you’ve done as learning. For presenters, these will form part of your ongoing accreditation.   Those of you who attended the training session last month will have started yours already.
  • We will be building an e-learning capability. While we will still have face to face training sessions which will be a vital part of maintaining accreditation, there is a lot we can do more efficiently online.

Andy and Denise will be following up with more detail on each part of the plan as it comes to fruition, but in the meantime, please ask any questions or give us some thoughts on the best way to help you to help us gain and retain listeners.