Internal blog post
Think we should be doing more local news and speech programmes?

Then we are in agreement!  I'd love to get a new series launched called Hertfordshire Stories. It'll be a showcase programme full of features about local people. Some will be upbeat and light, whereas other features will be heavier and more serious.

I'm looking for a team of people to make this happen, starting with a Commissioning Editor to manage the whole thing.

There's an 'internal opportunity' on our website:

If we find someone to do this, we'll then start the process of getting reporters and producers, and getting the first series going.

Production will be open to anyone to tell a story they think is worthwhile: something to do with local business or entertainment, a charity event, a serious social issue, 'behind the scenes', a walk in the Hertfordshire countryside, a visit to a local farm or food producer....the list of opportunities is endless and very exciting.