Internal blog post
The Board – What do they do anyway?!

We've been asked recently about what the Board is for and what it does. Hopefully this helps to explain:

The Directors are responsible for setting our strategic direction, ensuring the sustainability of our business and managing our finances. They are also responsible for ensuring that what we do complies with laws and regulation, such as company law, health and safety and safeguarding. The Directors give up their time unpaid and receive no expenses in relation to their Board duties. They can be held liable jointly and personally in law for their actions.

We are a regulated business, primarily by being licenced by Ofcom but also under codes such as the Advertising Standards Authority code. This places a significant responsibility on the Directors for the maintenance of our licence. Without our licence, we would cease to exist. The Directors ensure that through regular volunteer training and proper scrutiny we meet the obligations which Ofcom places upon us. Our level of regulation is very similar to that of much larger station such as Heart.

Although some of the Directors also take on operational roles such as volunteer manager, website manager and so on, these are entirely separate from the business of the Board and their position as Directors. Directors and others are appointed to these and other operational roles by the Board.

Any of the current Directors would be happy to explain further; current serving Directors are : Clive Glover, Hannah Hall, Nick Hazell, Mandy McNeil, Denise Parsons, Phil Richards, Dereck Staines, and Andy Waterfield.