Internal blog post
“Sunday at 11”

"I want to try something new." I hear this all the time and I agree - it's good to try something new.

Sunday nights at 11pm have been a mix of ambient music in recent months.  I want to try something new.  I'd like to open up the space for short run series of programmes which may be a little unusual, off-beat, or specialist.  The first new series of 10 will be launching in a few weeks (more on that to come soon).  I'd like to open this up to all accredited presenters (and those who might become accredited in the next month or so).

You don't have to do a series of ten - it might be a series of four, or six.  It doesn't have to be all music, or all talk, or all anything. It has to be appropriate for Sunday evening at 11pm. Let's be creative. Let's avoid doing 'more of the same' (eg another '70s' hour won't get far).

If you're interested, please drop me an email:  and I'll send you the proposal form - it's a simple document which will make you think about your idea.

Feel free to ask questions; I'll put this in the Facebook group too so any conversations can be open to all.