Internal blog post
Such progress

I'm off on holiday today. Yes, I know I'm always going away but this is actually one where I cut off email a bit!

It has made me reflect on our journey over the last two years. There is so much for you to be proud of.

Whether you work on a programme (where I think the quality of our output has improved dramatically), have helped with our marketing (there is no denying many more people know about us now), maintain and improve our studios and equipment (despite a few very recent hiccups our uptime is amazing now and we have an 80% bigger transmitter reach), look after our billing and collections (there's more of both!), cover our social media or post from a show (massive increases in reach and engagement now), create podcasts (well over 800 being listened to the equivalent of over 200,000 times a year), help build and maintain our website or our mailing list (more page views, more subscribers, more features), serve as a Director (just always more hard work!), talk about the great work we do to others, get people from local charities in to talk about what they do, manage outside broadcasts or do something I've forgotten (sorry!), your part in the nearly 19,000 volunteer hours a year we all put in is vital, valuable and valued.

Thank you! We have an even greater future ahead of us thanks to you, our advertisers and supporters.