Internal blog post
Studio Update from Phil Richards, Studio Manager

The printer is currently not working and we are trying to resolve this. There is an ongoing plan by the landlords to upgrade the fire detector system, and therefore at various stages over the next few weeks, Reg from the landlords will be visiting with installers whilst your possibly in the premises. We'll try to minimise any disruption but please bear this in mind and accommodate them as best you can. Apologies for any inconvenience. Also, just a reminder to switch off PC screens after use but not the actual computer of course as per usual.

Studio bookings:

Can I just remind everybody that when you book a studio to pre record etc that if you want to use the phone lines we still unfortunately only have one and obviously if there are live programmes going on they will need to take priority. We are working on getting two lines in as soon as possible but everyone needs to be as flexible as possible.

Phil Richards Studio Manager