Internal blog post
Station Sound Summary of Changes

From Monday there will be:
1. New station IDs
2. New travel/weather beds
3. New News In idents
4. New sweepers
Presenters of Afternoon and Drive shows - weather is now AFTER the news at 1302, 1402, 1502, 1702, 1802.
Drive travel bulletins will remain at 1630, 1702, 1730, 1802, 1830.
The 'We Love St Albans' suite of idents will now be retired. If you have a programme already recorded using these, it's fine for this coming week. After this week, they will all be retired permanently.
This weekend, I will make all the new 'dry' sweepers available for your use. You will find these in cart 100 onwards (but not until the weekend!).
Please contact me if you have questions