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Skills form and Volunteer Meeting

Hi All - happy Friday (although I’m aware the radio never sleeps :))

2 things from me this week and done on one ‘right way round’ message.

Skills form

We still have a large chunk of uncompleted forms, so if you haven’t done yours yet - please can you do it this week.  I’m aware that there were issues when it first went out, but these now should have been resolved.  Steve ‘hates filling out forms’ Simpson completed the form early this week and is living proof that it really only will take 2 minutes of your time, and will genuinely be a great help to us to understand the skill set of our volunteers.

The link is:

Thank you for this!!

Next Volunteer Meeting 11 August 7pm to 8pm.

Please update your diaries for the next volunteer meeting.  These are scheduled for the rest of the year - and will fall on the first Tuesday of each month.  I’ll confirm each date closer to the time.

Agenda will follow for August, but if you do have any shout outs or thank you’s please can you message me directly so we can recognise great work that is being done!

It will be a ‘google meeting’ and the link to the meeting is:

I have created an event on facebook and I will send reminders (and the agenda) through here, the WhatsApp group and the facebook group as we get closer to it.  I look forward to seeing as many of you who can make it!