Internal blog post
Safeguarding policy

It is important to us that young people and indeed all volunteers can be sure of a safe, supportive and appropriate environment at Radio Verulam, whether in our studios or working with us or meeting us outside our premises.  Last month, the Board approved our safeguarding policy.

In many ways, the policy is perhaps a statement of what I hope we would all find obvious but we felt it important to be clear about how we intend to protect young people.  Our policy remains that we do not accept volunteers aged under 16, but of course guests and people we meet at events may well be younger.

The next step will be to determine what safeguards we need to put in place in practice.  Denise Parsons will be making recommendations to the Board in January and is investigating areas such as statutory checks and policies on chaperones.  In the meantime, I'd like to emphasise that it would be unwise to meet with anyone aged under 16 without another adult present.  This is both for their protection and yours.

You can see the policy and download it in the documents section of RV:INSIDE here :