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Remote Voicetracking

Remote Voicetracking is a useful tool which we can use to create programmes from outside our normal studios, whether that is out in the street on an OB or at a home studio.

Voicetracking allows you to hear the end of a track, speak, then start and speak over the intro of the next track so it allows you to record all of your links without having to sit through all of each track, thus speeding up "pre-recording"

We will use it appropriately and sparingly given that we believe live is often best and we would want to be sure that any home studio was technically and acoustically OK.

This guide is intended for anyone who is authorised to remote voicetrack and who already understands voicetracking in the studio.

There is a video available here:

Before you start

  1. Download and install the VPN client:
  2. Download the Myriad RVT client

When you want to Voicetrack

  • Start the VPN and enter login details:
    • IP address:
    • User name: Presenter
    • Password: [will be provided]
  •  Start the voicetracking client
    • Use your normal Myriad login details
    • The Server address is:
    • The ports are 6944 and 6945 (under Options)





  • Choose which database you will use
    • When you are just trying it out, please use the TRAINING database
    • For real operation, use the SUSTAINING database; this is what will go out when the studios are unattended.

Things to note

  1. You need to make sure that your microphone levels are good enough, so listen back to a few links to make sure they are OK
  2. Be careful not to fill up the hour too much; if two songs are linked, Myriad can't drop them if the hour is overrunning so if there are too many songs with links between them, any overrun will mean lots of rapid fading of tracks.  Keep an eye on the hour do want some overrun but not more than 5 minutes.
  3. Unscheduled items (shown in grey) don't work with voicetracking so remove (soft or hard delete) them.
  4. Watchguard (the VPN connection) will drop after inactivity; you can just reconnect by looking in the system tray for the icon, right clicking and choosing "Connect"