Internal blog post

Following Leona's blog, I'd like to confirm that we are about to commence a review of our weekend schedule.  Every radio station reviews its programmes from time to time; weekends have been neglected for far too long.

I want to involve you and your views are genuinely important.

A few points about perspective:

  • Radio Verulam sounds a little 'old fashioned'.
  • Regardless of its target audience, it does need to sound modern to compete with what else is on the FM dial.
  • What we do needs to be done well
  • The cliche of weekends being 'different' to the week is slipping away, and perhaps needs to be reviewed.

While some programmes may change in terms of time and/or content,  what nobody wants to do is throw away good material or good people.  Please don't feel concerned or worried; let's be honest and work with integrity and emotional intelligence to make a great radio station even better.

Always happy to discuss with anyone. Please email me:, (or Leona, of course)