Internal blog post
Programming Update

Hello. I hope this message finds everyone well.

I wanted to summarise the key programming information from the volunteer meeting last night. It might be useful especially to those who were unable to 'attend'.

During 'lockdown' and our switch to remote broadcasting, I think we've done exceptionally well. I would argue we've been more local and relevant than in 'normal' times. While remote voice tracking and tools like 'Zencastr' are far from the ideal way of broadcasting, it does allow us to continue well, with creativity, and good local information and entertainment.

Some of the special programmes we've broadcast recently have been really creative, including dramas, readings, and special interviews. The 'Thursday at 9pm' slot remains available for those who wish to propose a special programme.

We are likely to have to continue to broadcast in this way for some time to come.  We are unlikely to return to our old schedule in the short term. Changes will be gradual. Nick has messaged separately about the challenges we face to re-open our studios and this is likely to be quite some time away.

Our current team of RVT presenters, and those working behind the scenes , have been really hard at work for the last three months.  Some of them will inevitably have to return to work, have other pressures on their time, or simply need a break.

We are currently in the process giving RVT training to some additional presenters who are currently not on air. There may be an opportunity in future weeks to offer further training.  I need to be clear however that:

  • The current RVT server is approaching capacity (currently it allows only one person to use it at a time);
  • The priority is to provide cover/replacement presenters for our current daytime programmes;
  • There will be two evening shows that I'd like to fill in due course, but these are unlikely to be specialist shows;
  • It is a slow process given limited availability of the server and limited time available to train.

Another pressing need to for additional traffic and travel presenters. If this is not your normal volunteering with us, or it is out of your comfort zone, please don't be put off - it's actually quite rewarding.  This week, we launched a new GMSA traffic team: thank you to Faye, Tim, Richard Hayes, Amanda, and Lee for stepping in.  However the 'Drive' team is either doing too many things already or need to step away.  Therefore I am very keen to recruit from our existing presenters who are currently off air to enable the work load to be shared - please step forward and volunteer as soon as you are able to do so.

Richard Wyborn stepped forward last week and has already completed his first shift delivering 'Drive' travel updates, so do join him in supporting the station. Nick and I really do need to be concentrating on other things, so your help in taking these updates from us would be exceptionally helpful. I can help get you started (but it's really easy).

Finally, if you are currently off-air do think about what you might be able to do to support the station during this difficult time.  What 'back office' help could you give?  How might you help with fundraising?  We have a substantial pool of presenters and reporters/ assistants - if we all chipped in, then we'd have a better chance of riding out this current situation successfully.

I'm always available by email: