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Programming Update

I'm doing some shuffling and am looking for either a new 2 hour evening show or 2 x one hour shows. They can be talk or music. If music, they must be positive, upbeat, and fun. I'm unlikely to commission hard trance, house, very niche electronic, hard rock, or classical music shows for this time slot (Tuesdays 10pm/11pm) (Doesn't mean they won't fit elsewhere at another time).

Talk shows should be sustainable and not a series of 'lectures' about a topic you like (I get quite a lot of these ideas which really wouldn't last more than 2 or 3 weeks.)

Second opportunity: I also would really like to get a food programme back on air. Therefore, is there a small group of people who would be interested in doing this including someone to lead on it? I'd like some studio talk, location suff, and we can stretch it out to cover Herts as a whole. I'd also like to try to focus some of it on less prestigious and less premium offerings. Good restaurants are lovely but let's hear about local cafes, independent retailers, social enterprises, and small-scale food industry too. Meat, fish, veggie, vegan, fruit, veg, confectionary, bakery.... the options go on...We could even do cookery schools, charities, food banks, kids learning to cook, healthy-eating, grow-your-own.... oh if I had the time I'd love to do this, but I don't - so over to you!

What to do if interested:

For the talk/music shows, just email me your ideas but please really explain it - not just 'playing relaxing and uplifting music' because this means nothing. Specifics please. Also tell me if you want to do live or recorded, and if you're pitching a 1 or 2 hour show.

For the food show, I need a little bit more. Please email me with a proposal which has an idea that you've worked out, and a basic structure for the first show; also include the team of people on-board - I want you to get the team together rather than me.

Finally, for all ideas, if you think that the idea is best as a short run series (of say 6 or 8), then that's absolutely fine. However shows that are monthly or every-other-week are a hassle.

Ideas and proposals to