Internal blog post
Professional appearance on mail

I believe that it really matters that everything we send to listeners, partners, advertisers and sponsors should carry our brand and look professional.

If you don't have a Radio Verulam email account and regularly send emails on Radio Verulam business , you should not be using your own email account; you need a Radio Verulam one.  This is for appearance but also for your own should not use a personal email account for communications on Radio Verulam business.  Please let me know if you need an email account.  Find out more about how you can use one here :  Please ask me to set up an account for you.

If you already have a Radio Verulam email account, please make sure you are using our standard email footer.  This protects us legally and projects a professional appearance.  You can find a guide on adding a signature to your mail software on google (search for example for "add email signature Gmail" or "add email signature Outlook").  You can find the instructions for our own webmail service here :  The standard signature HTML file is here :

I you have a Radio Verulam email account but aren't using it, please let me know so I can help you.