Internal blog post
Problems this week

I'm really sorry if you were affected by the website issues and mail issues we've had this week, plus in a week where everything seemed to go wrong the loss of 4 hours of programmes on Tuesday.

The good news is the on air issue was sorted fairly quickly and we are well on the way to having a stable website.

We couldn't have chosen a worse time to move to new website hosting as the process of migration needs several days of work and in the middle of it all, we had the radio output issues.

The upside of the website move is that soon we will have a faster, much less expensive site and a better mail service, plus we'll save about £400 a year as a result.

Good news is that we have now moved our listen again and logging machine away from an ex-volunteer's house and into our own premises!  While grateful for the eletricity and storage, it was bit of a liberty.