Internal blog post

On a reasonably regular basis Leona and I have been fielding requests from people to join as presenters. Very often, these requests have been encouraged by an existing RV volunteer or presenter.  Sometimes it is a friend or family member; more often than not, they have appeared as a guest on a programme and the presenter has said 'you should join us!'.

I'm afraid we can't do much with these requests at the moment, and often have to send out negative replies - and this is something that is not great to do.  If we have presenter vacancies, I prefer to offer them internally first, and then externally through our website:

Newcomers need to have a proper induction process, formal training, and be fully conversant with the various compliance issues.   We cannot skip this process, not even for family members or former volunteers who want to come back. If we do, it all becomes quite unmanageable and unfair.

To safeguard our licence, I must be satisfied that anyone we put on air is likely to have a good outcome, and I certainly don't want anyone to be thrust on the radio to make a fool of themselves and not return!   Additionally, if we start to induct someone without a definite goal,  they are often forgotten about or do not get the volunteer experience they anticipated - and they often drift away. This is a bit of a shame for RV, and definitely for them. Less really is more!

Finally, we do not really have any current vacant slots in the schedule. I know gaps appear from time to time but as a whole we are at full complement for presenters at the moment. A new volunteer with a new programme can only be accommodated by bumping an existing one off the air - this is something I'm not really very keen to do without really solid reason.

Additionally, most of the ideas received are very niche and unlikely to be of sufficient interest for a wider audience and/or unsustainable beyond an initial run or two or three programmes.

If you are part of a team and want to expand, then there are processes in place for this - please see Leona's recent update (15 August) for more.

I really hope you understand; please get in touch if you are unsure about anything. Always a pleasure to hear from everyone.