Internal blog post

Before the rest of this message, I'd like to be quite clear that there is no date yet for returning to the studios.
There will, of course, be a time when we do go back. In order for me to work out what that schedule might look like, I'd like to ask those presenters who are currently off air to let me know if they would like to come back when it is possible.
There is no automatic guarantee of this at all, and we might not return some of the old programmes - but that is a different discussion for the future.
I am mindful that it has been a long time there may well be some presenters who are unable to return or no longer wish to return. If you would like to come back, please could you drop me an email to register that interest? 
Just email me with a short 'I'd like to come back' message on at some point over the next week.
Once I have an idea of interest, we'll then start the process of what kind of programme that might be, how you might contribute to the running of the station as part of your volunteering, and what support you might need to make all this happen.
Finally, let me make it clear again we do not yet have a date when this will happen - I simply want to start the preparation.