Internal blog post
Presenter and contributor update and training

Venue to be advised by email and facebook group.

Make a date if you can please to be at the session which will be held from 10.00 until 14.00 on Saturday 17th November.  Andy Waterfield will be leading a session for existing presenters, trainees, and anyone who regularly appears on air.  Here is who should attend when and what will be covered:

Time Session Who should attend? What will I learn?
10.30 Station sound and style Anyone who appears regularly on air (including reporters and regular contributors) ·         Brand values

·         Station presentation style

·         How to sound like a team

·         How to sound local

11.30 Legal and Regulatory Anyone who has not attended a legal and regulatory training session in the last 18 months ·         How to keep our licence

·         How to stay out of trouble

·         How to avoid breaking the law

12.00 Website and social media Anyone who’d like some hints and tips ·         How to get a larger audience
12.45 Myriad basics Anyone who has not operated Myriad or feels a bit rusty ·         The basis of what is what in Myriad
13.30 Questions    
14.00 Close