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Premises, Pub, Plays and more – weekly update

And here's the (roughly speech recognised!) text...

Well hello and welcome to another weekly update; now this week I'm trying something new so I've got feedback that the audio is good for some people and not for others so we are trying to do audio and text at the same time. Thank goodness for speech recognition; not every word in the text might be right by hopefully you’ll get the general drift so let's start with a great supporter of ours Christo at Ye Olde Fighting Cocks have become sponsors of the drivetime sessions with Danny on a Wednesday evenings at 5:30 and not only that but they hosted Hymns and Pimms last week down at the pub by Verulamium Lake. It was a bit wet admittedly but Paul Anderson Dave Neal and the team were all out in force and we brought the whole thing to St Albans live in a collaboration with St Albans Cathedral. Christo as I say is a big supporter... let's hear him supporting us.


Well that kind of wraps up OBs for a little bit of a summer break; we'll be back with the food and drink festival at the end of September. Now these are big effort and Clive and Andy and I are going to get together over the Summer and look at ways in which we can reduce the amount of effort around outside broadcasts; they are fantastic, I'm a huge supporter of them but we need to have a little bit of a rethink about how we can go forward on outside broadcasts. I’m not suggesting we're going to stop them but it is getting harder and harder to get enough people out and we rely on the same people over and over again to whom I am of course incredibly grateful as we all are.

Premises is the next thing I wanted to talk about. You will have seen the Board last week considered a possible new location for the studio. It's all very early stages; if you understand the St Albans property market you'll understand why we can't say where this is... the minute that it gets out there the property will be gone and book and there's a group of local businesses who are looking at a space about 10 minutes walk from the city centre and we're working with them to see if there's something viable. What I will say at this stage is inevitably the rent will be higher but probably the biggest issue for us is the cost of fitting out and the time at effort involved and if we're going to go ahead and do this we are going to need your support like never before for fundraising for that fit out or helping literally wield a paintbrush or a screwdriver so we're going to think very carefully about whether we do this and we are just in the early stages of a potential lease. I'll keep you up to date as things start to progress.

Next up who's on the board and what do they do? You can take a look at the post on RV:INSIDE; it also in the facebook group... if you're not a member of the facebook group then please join it there's lots of information and exchange of ideas. I’m not a huge facebook user but I do find the facebook group really useful anyway there is a post about what the board does and who the board are and I hope that will be helpful; we got some feedback the volunteer feedback session that maybe not everybody knew what went on and who was a Director.

Also want to highlight something else that happened this week; Kieran is sitting in for Danny on Drivetime all week... thank you Karen for doing that and it's great to see Kieran back in the fold albeit briefly from university. Now he's got a really interesting you idea which is drivetime drama every hour between 6 and 7 this week there's a kind of knockout competition between five dramas. I happened to catch it on Tuesday evening when we were down to 4 dramas the idea being that one of those dramas gets voted off each day and I assume by Friday we will have the full version of one of the radio plays and I've got to say I thought the actors were fantastic and I'll leave you with a bit of audio from that.