Internal blog post
Podcasts – they’re really working!

It's fantastic to see that more of you are adding podcasts to the website, they are generating more and more traffic and increasing our audience weekly.

This week, we've hit a new high with nearly 1400 listens, an average of 200 listens a day!

The wonderful thing about podcasts is that they can be interviews or items you used in your show, or something completely fresh or unused. You could record one as a longer interview with a guest, or on a topic that's allied to your show.

And what's more, they're there forever (as long as you don't play copyrighted music) 🙂

We've been adding more podcast series recently with episodes from Greasepaint and Stagelights, The Generation Gap and Community Matters and all our podcasts can be found on iTunes, which means anyone can find them if they search for the relevant subjects, so make sure you use plenty of good keywords in your podcast title and description.

So please, do think about how you could add some podcasts to the site - if you need any help or information, email me (