Internal blog post
Please check Myriad before going on air

A couple of times in the last ten days, our output has been disrupted by use of the wrong instance of Myriad.  If you want to know why, read further down.  Also, if you use the training or sustaining instances of Myriad in the studio, please read to the bottom.

Please check you are running the right instance of Myriad before going on air

The correct instance is "STUDIOS".

You will see what is running by looking at the top of the screen as highlighted below

If the correct instance is not running, you should File>Exit and than open Myriad again from the desktop of the PC and not from the utilities folder.

If you use the sustaining or training instance of Myriad

When you have finished, you MUST

  • File>Exit, quitting Myriad completely
  • Close the Utilities folder if it is open
  • Open Myriad from the desktop icon and leave it ready for someone to log in


What happens if the wrong version is used?

You will not be able to insert stops, or change anything on the log




What happens if the wrong version is used