Internal blog post
PC’s at the Studios – Passwords & Stored Files

A few important housekeeping reminders regarding PC’s at the studios:
- If you are logging into any personal accounts online on the PC’s (e.g. gmail, RV:INSIDE etc…), ensure ‘Remember Me’ is unticked and you decline prompts for your password to be saved!
Just on the Production machines alone (outside the studios) there were 13 and 25 passwords saved in Chrome and all can potentially be visible if you know where to look.
I’ve cleared them all out on all PC’s so they are clean but there isn’t a way to switch the feature off (let me know if you find one!).
- The PC’s are filling up and they are running out of space which stops things from working and makes them generally slow. Please try to not save things on them long term and consider the space anything you are saving is taking up. Downloads and items on the Desktops are classic places for junk to build up.
I’ll be going through the PC’s from the end of next week to clear them out. If you have anything on them that you need, please ensure you take it off safely. If you have anything that you believe needs to stay on any of the PC’s then let me know what it is and we can discuss it.
Remember these are shared machines that everyone at the station can access so treat them as public computers.