Internal blog post
Payments for work undertaken

Something which came up at the AGM last week was the question of people being paid for work. The Board has made two significant decisions in this regard over the last 18 months, and for clarity I thought I would set them out again.

Our general view is that, as a social enterprise, if we want to grow our revenues to be reinvested, we have to be entrepreneurial and we can't get all of the skills we need at enough scale from a volunteer group alone. We can't just keep asking more and more of our volunteers if we want to build other businesses which can deliver to clients. On the other hand, we know that even large radio stations find it hard to make money when they pay everyone who does things for them; that is why commercial radio is now a set of mostly large companies not really serving local areas.

There are some new business areas which have come along (personal appearances outside stores and hosting stages at major events for example) and we have decided to grasp them as they offer us now sources of income. At the same time we recognise that some skills are scarce and some tasks take a lot out of a day, so finding voluntary help may be difficult.

We therefore adopted the following policy on payments:

• If the entire payment is not being donated back to Radio Verulam, the person needs to have a company we can pa
• The event must make a reasonable (say 30% or more) profit after all costs including volunteer payments
• This is a significant role (such as hosting and appearing at an event)
• The maximum payment is £16 per hour +VAT
• The payments are agreed by the Board before they are incurred
• This is not payable for on air appearances or for helping out for an hour or two
o Any helping out at commercially supported events where there is a commercial element will pay reasonable receipted expenses for non-alcoholic refreshments (maximum £5 per head) to be approved by the Station Manager
o Anyone helping out for more than 4 hours can also claim reasonable receipted expenses for food (maximum £5 per head) to be approved by the Station Manager

Let me know what you think and how you feel the policy could be improved.