Internal blog post
Pancake Races 5th March

FYI these are arrangements for our involvement in the Pancake Day races on Tuesday 5th March which start at 12 noon in St Peter’s Street by the Museum. If anyone is free to come along and watch please do - and cheer the RV team!

The event is organised as a fund raiser by HomeStart, one of our Community Partners so we aim to give it and them some publicity.
Suzy Moody of HomeStart will be on air with Kerry and with Phil before the day to promote it.
On the day Phil will be running the pa and we will put up a couple of RV banners there.
We will have an RV team taking part - well done for volunteering Kerry, Kevee, Lawrence & Amanda!
I will take some pictures for SM use later

On air
On the day Richard and Ruth will promote the event and encourage people to go along to watch.
Ruth and I will do some recorded interviews with contestants and winners for use later in the day on air

Social Media
We will promote the event on our SM in advance and with some pictures of our (winning?) team afterwards
Thanks to everyone who is helping on this very event for a very worthwhile charity