Internal blog post
Outspoken wants you!

Leona recently did a special two part series of Outspoken. I thought this was very good quality and excellent local content.  She worked exceptionally hard to research and record interviews over a long period of time resulting in two tight programmes, full of excellent content.  This method of a longer production process, pre-recording and editing, and fewer but better quality shows is the way to go with Outspoken, rather than a weekly treadmill.  The great thing is that the format is quite flexible and can cater for most styles and topics. Topics can be both the serious/hard along with the lighter interest stories. Specials can be catered for as well.

It offers everyone at Radio Verulam a great opportunity - it's the kind of programme that most people could have a go at.  Do you have something that you'd like to make a programme about?  Keeping it local, interesting, and with plenty of other voices to ensure balance and fairness, it is a programme that could be developed over time, recorded and edited to maintain the quality, but a chance to cover something you are passionate about.

If you have an idea, please put together a proposal and drop me a line. I'd like to know the topic and angle, proposed interviewees and content, how you would fill 48 minutes with engaging content and local relevance, and a proposed production schedule/broadcast date.  Have a think, ask questions, it's an open invitation.

If we get three or four decent and possible ideas, I'd like to run another series in a few months time.  What do you think? Views welcome (email or in the facebook group)